Our Story

Tommy & TM23 Foundation

Our son, Tommy, was a month shy of his thirteenth birthday when he passed away unexpectedly in his sleep. The morning of April 17, 2018, when he did not wake up, has forever changed our lives. While the exact cause of death remains uncertain, it is likely that an undiagnosed structural issue with his heart played a role. To our family, his departure is mystical; he came, he conquered and he departed, and he has given us a lifetime of love, joy and teachings. We miss him beyond words, every single day.

Passionate about life, Tommy loved playing soccer, as well as pretty much every sport he ever tried, and was deeply passionate about music, reading, friendships and family. He lived life with his head up and a smile on his face, laughter in his belly, a beanie on his head, flashy socks on his feet, and love in his heart. A born entertainer, he lived to create and connect, and his impact on others is a tribute to a boy who learned what it meant to be himself and approach life on his terms.

The TM23 Foundation’s mission is to develop and support initiatives that inspire children and young adults to play, pursue their dreams, be themselves and have a positive impact on their community.