May 14, 2023

Tommy’s Field at Westwood Rec Center

The TM23 Foundation is hosting its first youth soccer tournament for girls and boys at Tommy’s Field at Westwood Recreation Center on May 14, 2023.  All proceeds from the “TM23 Community Cup” will be used to cover event costs and refurbish Tommy’s Field in perpetuity.

The TM23 Community Cup will not only take place on what would be Tommy Mark’s 18th birthday and commemorate five years since his passing, but it will also be a magical day of music, food, prizes and friendly competition.

The event is fully sponsored by friends, family and local organizations to ensure that children of all backgrounds and circumstances have access to play.


  • Matches will be 40 minutes each; 7 vs 7 with rosters of 10 maximum.
  • Teams will be accepted from all parts of our city and represent a diverse cross-section.
  • Brackets include Girls (2011/2012) and Boys (2010/2011 and 2013/2014).
  • Live DJ and curated music.
  • Fun and unique prizes instead of trophies.
  • Local food offerings by Westwood business owners.
  • Special Mother’s Day treat.
  • Volunteer opportunities for older youth players to receive community service.
  • A Legends Game including former professional players and high-level older youth players will end the day.

Current tournament sponsors include:

Please email [email protected] for more details and sponsorship opportunities.

TM23 Foundation

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